Firm founded

Jan 2017

LienIQ is founded as a firm made up of finance and technology professionals committed to capturing unique, off-the-run, distressed consumer credit opportunities utilizing a quantitative model-based approach.

MVP credit model completed

Jun 2017

LienIQ completes the first version of the proprietary lien credit model.  This version is based on an empirical probability weighting of exit scenario cash flows (essentially a discounted CF model) that is used to evaluate and price over $5MM of non-judicial second liens.

First lien portfolio purchased

Aug 2017

LienIQ selected, priced, and ultimately purchased its first non-judicial lien portfolio using its technology.

ICO whitepaper finalized

Dec 2017

The team completed a paper laying out its investment thesis, opportunity sizing, competitive landscape, and business plan.

ICO completed

Mar 2018

LienIQ plans on completing its ICO by the end of Q1 2018.  This includes its pre-ICO and primary funding phases.

Credit model upgrades

Mar 2018

We plan on using some of the funds to enhance our modeling suite, which includes improvements in training data, human capital, and technology.

Capital fully deployed

Jun 2018

Midway through 2018, LienIQ intends to be completely operational and hopefully on the path to being fully deployed in distressed consumer credit markets.